Working with remote control cameras and lions in the Serengeti is a low percentage gig. So much so, that this is the first time it has really come off in these endless plains during my entire career. But it is nice to start with a bang.

There are usually three problems. Firstly; the lion or lioness has to be on the move so that a path can be anticipated, otherwise why would one camera position be better than another? The odds of simply placing a camera down and hoping to get lucky are longer than Scotland winning The World Cup. Secondly; there may be no spot that works, given the terrain, high grass or muddled background being two common foes. The third problem is that the lion can sometimes depart with the camera and finding it is a huge task!

But this photograph, taken in August 2020, is validation for continuing to try and reward for never quitting on an idea. Build it and they will come.

Available size options with and without framing are below;

  • Large: 65 x 114 inches framed
  • Standard: 48 x 81 inches framed

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