Hilton Contemporary is proud to announce the launch of ARTS POETICA, a global initiative that supports the various disciplines of the arts.

From the visual to the literary arts; to dance; film; music; architecture, ARTS POETICA has been created as an arts council to support contemporary thought leaders who are presented in an imaginative and powerful way.

2022 (47)

Our mission is to support these creators, the ones who masterfully generate ideas using the six senses on a blank canvas, a screen, an instrument, a page or an edifice of monumental materials – the ones who record our histories and provide a roadmap from our past to our present to our future.

Arts Poetica is a platform of creativity that transcends languages, cultures, religions, races and political ideologies. It is a place of sanctuary.

CHICAGO | River North

716 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL USA 60654
+1 312-852-8200
After Hours: +1 312-477-6060

CHICAGO | Bridgeport

Morgan Arts Complex
3622 S. Morgan St.
Chicago, IL USA 60609
+1 312-477-6060

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