John F. Kennedy remains an iconic figure in both American politics and culture. Taking office during the turbulence of the Cold War while racial tensions were also arising within the United States, JFK came to power at a difficult time. Still, from the moment that he took office, JFK garnered admiration due to his idealisms that reassured Americans of the strength of their nation. His diplomatic capabilities and advocation for peace and Civil Rights made Americans embrace him, though his true legacy was cemented in his unfortunate early demise. The profoundness of JFK’s assassination lies in the tragedy of seeing a youth with such potential taken away so suddenly. It left the United States with a sense that his work was only half-done, cutting the quintessential American Dream short. Symbolically, Schiller’s intimate portrait of JFK reminds viewers of Humanity that assigning importance to political figures or celebrities sometimes comes with a price; and yet, our love and admiration for others marches on, refusing to recognize death as an obstacle.

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