The Globe

This is the map of the world , showing boats of our dreams , crossing oceans and seas for a better life. Maybe following a dream, ,or running from a war, running from abuse, from past ,always heading to a Better destination. Some make it, some don’t. Some cross the ocean for a dream that wasn’t theirs. Some made it, and changed their entire village lives.

This is our journey, the cross stitches are our touch in life, our thumbnail. This is humanity. It’s handmade embroidery , done by Palestinian refugees in Jordan

The signature : is a symbol of how many years the Artists’ parents been refugees in Jordan . Each cross stitch is a ten years of them being refugees.


  • Framed: 48” x 60" (122 cm x 152 cm)

We ship worldwide and use a multitude of providers to safely deliver your masterpiece. Domestic delivery and installation may also be available via Hilton Asmus Contemporary’s private art shuttle. Please inquire.