Montana, USA 2020

“Whiskey and the cold go together for me, as does travelling around Montana and playing country music. This photograph’s title gives us the opportunity to celebrate all of the above. The ice bar was a specialist effort and over the two days I think the team did a grand job. There is a palpable sense of cold in this most remote bar two hours north east of Billings. The day we shot it was snowing heavily outside which I think made everyone’s job easier. It was not as if we were in a studio in Burbank with 90-degree temperatures outside.It was technically a challenging image as I needed the Tamaskan dog, the saloon girl, Josie Canseco, and the mountain man to be sharp or near sharp and this required a very slow shutter speed. This is a bar that should exist somewhere. If anyone finds it please make sure to let us know.” – David Yarrow


  • Standard Framed size: 48 x 66 inches
  • Large Framed size: 67 x 94 inches

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