expressive beat


African Art, that we see on the background of this large size lenticular 4D, influenced among other movements, surrealism. As we see here in the works of Magritte. Surrealism influenced beat generation writers in California, through its visuals and its automatic writing, as was influenced Jack Kerouac in his legendary beat novel On The Road portrait here in the being of Neal Cassady (a car, a girl, a road and Neal Cassady anytime, anywhere) Beat generation writers influenced American Abstract Expressionist painters like the unforgettable Jackson Pollock we can spot on the right; the abstract expressionists influenced new generation writers again in the post-war era like Charles Bukowski, who this time influenced the Neo-expressionist painters of the end 70s and the 80s with his freestyle nonchalant prose;

The painting states in fact overall that “this can go on forever” and that several generations of art and artists are influencing each other continuously and consecutively.

(Baykam also has an abstract large painting from the 80s called This Can Go On Forever)

  • 70.87" x 94.49" in (180 x 240 cm) Edition of 3 + AP

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