Message in the Bottle


Baykam works with several nude models for his paintings as well as his photography. This is one of his Czech models from Prague Suzanna, This piece is one of the pioneer for these, that comes as a simple, surrealistic landscapes with the seagulls flying over a lady getting a sun tan, while laying gracefully on the ocean. The Message in The Bottle, approaches her but we don’t know what life will bring. Seagulls are watching over her, as the cloud is taken from one of Baykam’s abstract paintings as a reminiscence of his continuous interest in multimedia. The island far away is a parody of New York, Manhattan. One of the main centers of attention where Baykam showed continuously as a young struggling artist in the early 80s.

  • 71" x 47.24" in (180 x 120 cm) Edition of 3 + AP

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