The Drunken Boat


Baykam’s first lenticular, in 2007, referential 4D (besides Baykam’s Fenerbahçe lenticulars. Name of his famous İstanbul Football Club. For whom Baykam prepared a full exhibition for the 100th year of the club.) The Drunken Boat (Le Bateau Ivre) one of the ever most famous poems in French Literature, by legendary, child prodigy poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Baykam originally did this drawing in 1985 and it portraits the drunken boat going uphill in the ocean. The eye on the left belongs to his wife Sibel. The name meaning “so beautiful” in French. A thin attractive portrait of young Arthur Rimbaud who is passionate and tumultuous relation with another French male poet, Paul Verlaine became one of the most crazy and epic affairs of the late 19th century.

  • 47.24" x 35.43" in (120 x 90 cm) Edition of 3 + AP

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