Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom, 2017

This skeleton of a Blue Whale in the Natural History Museum of London represents the largest animal known to have ever existed and yet, one that feeds on only the smallest animals. Its diet consists almost exclusively of small crustaceans known as krill. This female Blue Whale skeleton has been named ‘Hope’ by the museum as a symbol of humanity’s power to shape a sustainable future. It is one of the first species that humans decided to save on a global scale. Consisting of 221 bones, it is hung in the exact diving lunge feeding position. This marine mammal can grow up to 29.9 meters (98 ft) in length and with the most significant recorded weight of 173 tons (190 short tons).

Framed with tulipwood, distance framing, and a UV 99 museum glass.

Available size

  • 170 x 170 cm / 66.9 x 66.9 inches - Edition size: 12

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