South Georgia, 2018

The vast number of penguin chicks in Golden Harbour in the early summer offers an opportunity to play with numbers. We brought a ladder all the way from London as we had a preconception that we may need to have a position of raised elevation to give depth.
I knew what I was looking for – we just needed to have eyes in the back of our heads. It is difficult to really convey the number of penguins on the beach, it’s as dense as this image suggests. The whole experience is somewhat overwhelming.
It’s a rather surreal image – but it’s reality


LARGE - Edition of 12

  • Image: 56" x 95"
  • Framed: 71” x 110”

STANDARD - Edition of 12

  • Image: 37" x 62"
  • Framed: 52" x 77”

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