Blake’s Spirit Collection embodies the power of our spirit as human beings, displaying our innermost structure in its full glory. Our individuality and our self-worth…the why to “Am I enough?” whomever we might be. This matters; we matter!
The original bronze was built by the collaborative force of nature of Blake Ward and Boky Hackel-Ward. From that piece Blake conceived Devorah, a child of the 21st century. Aided and abetted by Z-brush (the computer program used to make the film Avatar), Blake accentuates our faiblesses, underlining the splendour of our imperfections and of our distinctive individual signatures by adding further openings to the existing lace-like surface of the sculpture and building an incredibly intimate and complex inner structure.

His courageous Phoenician Goddess pushes through our zeitgeist to commemorate our humanity and our beauty.

While our world is changing, in this 3D printed bronze sculpture our weaknesses are unveiled rather than concealed allowing us to protect our future from our past.

Available sizes:

  • 16 x 20 inches
  • 30 x 40 inches

We ship worldwide and use a multitude of providers to safely deliver your artwork. Domestic delivery and installation may also be available via Hilton Asmus Contemporary’s private art shuttle. Please inquire.