Opening Reception: 8 September | 4 - 8 pm

716 N. WELLS

Adonis is internationally renowned as a poet, essayist, philosopher and theoretician of Arab poetics. Referred to as “the greatest living poet of the Arab world” and “the grand old man of poetry, secularism and free speech in the Arab world”, or as « The man who remade Arabic poetry » (Robyn Creswell in The New Yorker, December 2017) he is one of the most influential figures in poetry. He has been writing for more than 75 years and has more than fifty published works in Arabic of poetry, criticism, essays, and translations. Rebelling against the tropes of traditional Arabic poetry to experiment with free verse, variable meter and prose poetry (drawing on Sufism and mysticism), he is responsible for a poetic revolution in the Arab world the scale of which has been compared to that of what T.S. Eliot did for the English poetic canon.

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