Chicago — July 21, 2021 — Arica Hilton announced today Hilton | Asmus Contemporary will expand into a second gallery space in the Morgan Arts Complex, a newly renovated building dedicated to the arts, design and film in Chicago’s burgeoning arts neighborhood of Bridgeport.

The beautifully designed timber loft space marks an important step as the Gallery looks to its future. Nine years ago, Hilton | Asmus Contemporary opened its 1200 square foot gallery on Wells Street in the River North Art District. Today, the second location in Bridgeport is a natural progression in the expansion of the gallery. Incorporating a “library” wing, the new location will offer art and poetry books on loan to its clientele, as well as for purchase.

Global advocate Arica Hilton states, “For me, art is life. It is and always has been my goal to present exhibitions that will provide the audience a sense of wonder and amazement about our natural world and the world that resides within ourselves. We will continue to advocate for and present exhibitions with a humanistic approach highlighting and inviting a dialectic discourse to investigate eternal ideas. In this sense, I believe it is important to remind ourselves that art is everywhere and in everything we touch. I am excited to present our art library to our collectors, which will be a combination of art history books along with contemporary books by many of the artists we represent.”

Over the years, Hilton | Asmus Contemporary has presented publicly acclaimed exhibitions, from “Divina Natura” by Italian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli illuminating the Field Museum with a sound and light installation inspired by Dante’s Inferno; to a group exhibition of “The History of the Chess Queen – or the Advent of Feminine Power”; to introducing the acclaimed photographer David Yarrow to the Chicago art world; and presenting its first virtual exhibition, “Humanity – A Survey of our Times,” a multimedia show that epitomizes the complexity of human existence.

To launch the new Bridgeport location, world renowned conservation photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier will debut their first exhibition in Chicago titled “Origins” on August 27, 2021.

Hilton | Asmus plans to redesign the Wells Street location in River North.