“Human heart is a unique and prototype handmade sculpture (1/1), which includes more than 500 bodies (dancers). It is a really multi semantic work, in which everyone can reach a part of himself. It means the greatness of life, the human solidarity, the joy of life, the politeness, the energy of collaboration, the miracle of friendship, the heart itself which is the most important part of the human being and a hundred other meanings. It is a mixed media composition, in which the bodies are made of bronze and the other parts are made of inox.”- Kostis Georgiou

Kostis Georgiou’s skills lie in the transmutation of the familiar and unfamiliar. His distortion of otherwise recognizable, humane forms transposes and challenges our understanding of them. With Humanity in mind, Georgiou’s technique is even more applicable: it is the notion that humankind is simultaneously simplistic and complex. Furthermore, it highlights the idea that humanity is a network built of many figures, some that may be recognizable to us on the surface, but are ultimately unknowable in their multitudes.


  • 240x90x35 cm BRONZE

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