Bhachau, India, 2001

A child scatters pigeons as she runs through the ruins of Bhachau, one of the towns worst hit by the earthquake.
Drawing again upon his mastery of movement and emotional impact, Stoddart conjures the poignant sentiments of childhood delight and historical tragedy. There is wonder in the outstretched arms of the child reflected in the takeoff of the birds, who scatter to the wind haphazardly. However, all of this momentary beauty is juxtaposed against the ruins of a natural disaster, a visible citation of how destruction is simply a matter of life. These concepts coalesce in Humanity, as life is constructed of moments that are simplistic and wonderful as well as moments of hardship. In some instances, these concepts undercut one another; in other instances, they exist simultaneously, exemplifying the cyclical nature of joy and sorrow.

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