“When we say old-new, tradition-modernity, village-town, change-continuity, we fill our lives with such theses.  We make cities rural while we lose the soul of the village. We are leaving the old as the old, while we are sad for the new.  We live lives devoid of depth and meaning, in the shadow of fashion trends, gimmick images, billboards and virtual likes.
The ancestor carved his noble soul to the stone and gave his life to it. We surrender to the stone and put our souls in the concrete. The confusion in our minds, the frost in our hearts, the clutter in our imagination is manifested as chaos, confusion, contradiction, disproportionate and disharmony in our living spaces.
We are really not that desperate. The solution is to find the golden ratio, remembering the rule, “the one who exceeds the limit will oppose you.”  It is being able to look at the world with new and fresh eyes by returning to ourselves.  Irfan (knowledge, awareness, wisdom) which provides tremendous opportunities, is reconstructing our civil action in today’s conditions by understanding it’s meaning.  The cure is not out there. It is within us.”  -Ibrahim Kalin


Medium: Archival Pigment Print
STANDARD - Edition of 7
  • Image: 20” x 24” (51 cm x 61 cm)

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