Montana, USA – 2022

The cowboy is the most enduring symbol of America and cowboy culture remains integral to many US states such as Texas, Colorado and Montana. In filming our anthology to the Wild West, we have had a regular cast of half a dozen working cowboys, all of whom come from these three states.

They are all outstanding horsemen and look the part without much ancillary effort; they are actually not acting at all simply being cowboys. Ryon Marshall from Texas is our go to guy and never lets us down.

We had a load of fun the day of this shoot and the saloon girls arrived with good energy and a willingness to brave the cold. They gave their all to make this picture work. I think they may well have been tucking into the whisky before we shot.



LARGE: Edition of 12
  • Image Size: 56” x 70” in (142.24 cm x 177.8 cm)
  • Framed Image: 71” x 85” in (180.34 cm x 215.9 cm)
STANDARD: Edition of 12
  • Image Size: 37” x 46” in (93.98 cm x 116.84 cm)
  • Framed Image: 52” x 61” in (132.08 cm x 154.94 cm)

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