In 2001, Markus Klinko was invited to photograph David Bowie. Now, in the wake of the beloved singer and artist’s unexpected passing, the unpublished images are finally coming to light, and are currently on view in”Bowie Unseen” at LA’s Mr MusicHead Gallery.

The photographer shot the album cover for Bowie’s 2002 record, Heathen, an eerie black and white image of the singer as a blind man. The current exhibition includes that photo, as well as over 20 never-before-seen outtakes from that day.

“It was a 9 to 5 shoot,” Klinko recalled in an interview with ABC. “We got so much done and, you know, I will never forget this session.”

Once we did the cover for Heathen—which took several hours and which he had very precisely mapped out in his head what he wanted—he then turned very playful and allowed me to have fun,” he added.

On the strength of that work, Klinko was asked to create the cover image for GQ‘s “Man of the Year” issue honoring Bowie. The resulting image shows the rock star fearlessly posing with a pack of wild wolves. Due to Bowie’s busy schedule and lack of availability for another shoot, Klinko was forced to use a body double with the wolves, carefully adding in the singer’s face from the photos taken for Heathen during post-production.

One of Markus Klinko’s photos of David Bowie. Courtesy Markus Klinko.

“Our male model proved himself quite brave, as he worked it with the energetic and sometimes aggressive wolves,” Klinko recalled in GQ earlier this year. “While his face looked nothing like Bowie, he was able to channel him through his body language.”

A portion of the proceeds from all works sold during Klinko’s exhibition will go to Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, in honor of the singer, who died from liver cancer.

See more of Klinko’s photos of Bowie below.

Markus Klinko’s “Bowie Unseen” is on view at Mr MusicHead Gallery, 7420 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, May 19–June 15, 2016.