My favourite quote on photography is so simple. It comes from the mind of a greatly respected Nat Geo cameraman, Jim Richardson. He said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff ”.

It seems so banal, but it is also “bang on”. The lens may look both ways and the photographer’s soul, ability and experience plays a big role, but let’s face it, the lens looks outward more than it looks inward. Not even Ansel Adams could have taken a new picture of the Eiffel Tower that the world needed to see.

I take no credit for this image. It may be quite extraordinary and may never be seen again, but all I had to do was point my camera lens at the subject. So who is to credit?

I would give credit to my intelligent guide in the eastern Serengeti – Leverd Mgomwende and also the conservation NGOs in Tanzania and beyond who are helping the lion survive. Lions are under huge pressure and this is an uplifting photograph. Most of all though, I dedicate it to my long term friend – South Africa’s Kevin Richardson. He is the lion’s champion in Africa and that is quite a responsibility.

I see 20 lion at the bar. That’s just nuts.

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