Philae Temple

Aswan, 2010

The Temple of Philae (also Hut-chenti, House of the Beginning) is the name given to a temple complex in Upper Egypt, about eight kilometers south of Aswan. The temple complex is located on the island of Agilkia, after it was dismantled from 1977 to 1980 at the actual site, the now flooded island of Philae, and rebuilt about 600 meters northwest on the higher ground of Agilkia. The main building of the temple complex is the temple of the goddess Isis. It stands on the western shore about in the middle of the island. It is not possible to date the original temple foundation. The oldest surviving evidence is from the reign of Nektanebos I (379 to 360 BC), who built a temple in honor of Hathor.


Framed with tulipwood, distance framing, and a UV 99 museum glass.

Available size

  • 120 x 250 cm / 47.2 x 98.4 inches - Edition size: 4

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