My plan was unapologetically to look to replicate the shot of Cary Grant in ‘North By Northwest’. I had not seen this attempted elsewhere and that fuelled my desire. Stepping into the shoes of Cary Grant is an onerous responsibility and we needed the very best, so I called on David Gandy – one of the most celebrated male models of our time. I knew that David would not only relish the opportunity, but also give me exactly the look the image needed.; Replicating the crop duster plane was harder, because of flying regulations in the UK and the rules of basic personal safety. We explored a range of possibilities and rightly involved David in the process, after all, he was going to be far more at risk than me. The wind was a key factor and the shoot was postponed twice as it was simply too strong – as is often the case on the Devon coast.; The final shot, taken on the cliffs above the English Channel, could never tell a behind the scenes story – so we have made a small film just to give proof that this did actually happen. This can be found on our website under “Hitchcock”.; There are so many people to thank for making this happen, especially Nick Johnston, who allowed us to film on his estate. But the biggest credit goes to David – who really does give Cary Grant a run for his money.



  • 180.3 × 180.3cm


  • 137.2 × 137.2 cm

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