Marco Nereo Rotelli



Born in Venice in 1955, Marco Nereo Rotelli lives and works in both Milan and Paris. Rotelli has created a solid relationship between art and other disciplines of knowledge for years. The main relationship within his work is between his art and poetry.

Rotelli expresses his fondness for academic disciplines with this image, which is a photograph of Rongorongo, a system of glyphs native to Easter Island. Glyphs and language as a whole represent humanity at its core; in particular, they represent one of the foundational pillars of human development. Without language as a means of expression, much of humanity’s means of interpretation, creativity, and socialization would be lost. Therefore, this photograph belongs in Humanity on a very institutional level; if we refuse to appreciate the many forms through which language has advanced over time, we are ultimately refusing to appreciate the foundation on which humankind flourishes.

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