Team Jack

Los Angeles, 2022

I have no familiarity with any of the protagonists in the infamous Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial, I simply watched on indulgently like everyone else. It was free theatre and we binged on every little detail that was thrown our way. I wonder whether subconsciously we were drawn to this saga of misbehavior and excess because it offered a forgiving comparative against which to judge our own weaknesses. We have all done some bad things in our lives but hell, these guys set a high bar. Watching the trail was cheaper than going to the therapist and arguably more effective.

As an artist, I warmed to the idea that the little details in the accusations could all be incorporated into a single image; references such as the jar of blow, the ‘mega pint’ and the bed sheets. But I also needed a full cast and courtroom. A small idea gained momentum and then there was no going back. I never imagined telling this story until it was too late to call it off.

Johnny Depp – or rather a spitting image of Johnny Depp – was a prerequisite for my frame and I always saw him attending court as Jack Sparrow. This option offered pantomime with a twist of reality. If Jack was in attendance, I felt some of his friends and foes from the Caribbean should be there to lend support. In the face of such court room adversity, battle lines should become blurred and there would be a call to put down arms. The treasure hunting, piracy and sea sovereignty could wait until this nasty domestic issue was put to bed. Team Johnny was a unified front.

My leaning was that my camera should prioritize on the real star of the show – Johnny’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez. She had a presence and style that needed to be celebrated at
the front of the frame. Brooks Nader – a regular lead for us – was perfect for this role as she embodies the same attributes. I told Jack to wear a look of studied admiration for his lawyer as I felt that connection was important to amplify. Their relationship is integral to the way history will tell the story.

What fun we had that day in Los Angeles.


LARGE: Edition of 12
  • Image size: 54” x 102" in (137.16 cm x 259.08 cm)
  • Framed Image: 69” x 117” in (175.26 cm x 297.18 cm)
STANDARD: Edition of 12
  • Image size: 37” x 70" in (93.98 cm x 177.8 cm)
  • Framed Image: 52” x 85" in (132.08 cm x 215.9 cm)

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