Majestic animals, the American West and supermodels are the highlights of a recent photography show at Chicago's Hilton|Asmus Contemporary, a gallery in Chicago.

The show “On the Road Again” stars the work of fine art photographer David Yarrow, a native of Scotland.

Yarrow’s extensive portfolio of work puts the spotlight on wildlife as well as other images of nature and humanity.

During a recent visit to Hilton | Asmus Contemporary, which is owned by Schererville resident Arica Hilton, Yarrow gave a presentation about his work to a small audience of socially distant art lovers as well as a Zoom audience from other locales. The show will be displayed through June.

Yarrow said he’s always been focused on “authenticity and originality” in what he does. His photos feature strong and dynamic images of wildlife that it’s hard to find in many other photo collections.

“I want to be the best at what I do,” said Yarrow, while speaking to the group. His “On the Road Again” display features more than 35 photos that were taken this year while he traveled through Montana, Texas and Wyoming as well as Africa and Iceland.

Many of the photos star models such as Cindy Crawford and Cara Delevingne as well as a stunning wolf-like dog breed called Tamaskan dogs.

The photo "Hostiles," by David Yarrow, features model Cindy Crawford.

While Yarrow is a photographer by profession, he’s also a conservationist and has used his art to raise money for various charities. He said it’s important for him to “work with purpose.”

Pictured is David Yarrow's "Chief."
The photo "Out of Towner" was taken by David Yarrow

Among photos starring in the “On The Road Again” show are “Hostiles,” featuring model Crawford; “Girl on the Train,” starring model Delevingne; and “Chief,” a photo of Chief John Spotted Tail of the Lakota tribe. Yarrow said the photo of the chief is one of his personal favorites. “This is exactly how he should be photographed,” Yarrow said about the photo which features the Chief in full Native dress atop a regal horse.

About the process of photographing, Yarrow said he’s persistent.

“I’m all about patience and never quitting. You must never quit,” he said. That attitude is especially helpful in photographing his various wildlife subjects. The photographer said he prefers using wide-angle lenses in his work and also photographs in black-and-white.

The current Yarrow show features photographs that the public hasn’t been exposed to before.

“These pictures haven’t been seen anywhere in the world yet. And some were taken three or four weeks ago,” Yarrow said adding that he was happy to debut them in Chicago.

“We love Chicago. That’s why we keep coming back,” he said.

Written By  |  Eloise Marie Valadez