South Africa, 2019

We don’t have many strong images of Black Panthers, but the three that I have from the last twelve years are all coveted. I don’t think there is another animal that tests our camera systems and indeed our camera work as much as these beautiful cats.

On this occasion I was flat on the ground in a purpose built cage. That gave me a chance, but they move so quickly. Everything is stretched to the limit – I need a fast shutter speed, I need some depth of field – well more than at F2 and I need low light and would prefer to work into it. It is very low percentage photography. But when it works…


LARGE - Edition of 12

  • Image: 50” x 48”
  • Framed: 65” x 63”

STANDARD - Edition of 12

  • Image: 38” x 37”
  • Framed: 53” x 52”

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