Andy Warhol_s Kitchen - David Gamble copy


Andy Warhol’s Kitchen

East 66th Street NYC 1987

6×7 Format Film

Soon after Warhol’s death photographer David Gamble was permitted access to Warhol’s East 66th street House, Factory and Warehouse. There, he captured the placement of Warhol’s belongings as the artist had lived with them over the years. Rather than simply documenting the space, Gamble’s careful still-lifes capture the humanity and fierce individuality of the artist. ​

Situated in the lower ground floor of his NYC home, the kitchen was where Warhol ate every meal—a simple environment yet filled with the artist’s distinctive touch that made his artwork so vibrant and original. Gamble’s photograph is a moment captured in time. An unprecedented domestic dimension in the life of the artist—a somber image dotted with reminders of the artistic genius the world knew. From the branded detergent packages and the bold colors of the Fiesta dishware echoing the pallet of his famous screen-prints, to the iconic can of Campbell soup by the sink—the kitchen is a visual catalog of the colors, forms, and repetitional rhythms that defined the Warhol’s iconic works; it is a place where fragments of Warhol’s creativity tell a story of an artist whose inspiration truly came from the simplest, and yet so very important, everyday objects of popular culture.

Available size options with and without framing are below;

  • Paper 24" x 20" - Edition size: 10
  • Aluminum - 24" x 20" - Edition size: 10
  • Aluminum 48" x 40" - Edition size: 5

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