Fred Hughes in Andy Warhol’s Factory

Fred Hughes in Andy Warhol’s Factory ​

860 Broadway NYC, 1987

​Pictured: Fred Hughes seated in Andy Warhol’s Factory with a Liz Taylor Painting.

Fred Hughes became Warhol’s business manager in 1967. He managed the Factory, Warhol’s famous studio, and, thereafter, took on the role of publisher for Interview magazine. Hughes was a figure of tremendous importance in the artistic life and legacy of Warhol. After the artist’s death, in 1987, he also became the executor of the artist’s estate.

And most importantly, Hughes was the mastermind behind the 10-day, 1988 auction at Sotheby’s. Gamble’s photograph captures the éminence grise of Warhol’s empire in what became the sitter’s most favorite portrait. This image was taken at the Factory in 1987. Hughes is seen clutching a copy of Interview magazine engineered by Gamble in 1997 to feature a deliberately pop art inspired portrait of Warhol. In line with the other images in this series, this one too reveals lesser-known aspects of the artist’s life and outstandingly successful career.

But though Fred Hughes certainly benefited from his association with Andy Warhol, the argument could certainly be made that Warhol, who died after gall bladder surgery in 1987, benefited even more from his association with Fred Hughes.

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