29 APRIL 2022 - 16 JANUARY 2023

In Humanity, time is collapsed and made fluid. Events of the past are mirrored in moments from the present. In this extremely divisive moment history, the images in this exhibition demonstrate how connected the world actually is; regardless of decade or locale, countries and citizens share more commonalities than dissimilarities.  Images chosen depict universal themes, hardships, and experiences.

Humanity epitomizes the complexity of human existence.  Invoking moments of violence and adversity;  joy and sorrow;  childhood and old age; in order to touch upon universal experiences and feelings.  It is a testament to the adage, “History repeats itself,” while also suggesting that history and human experiences echo one another throughout time.  Featuring photography, paintings and sculptures with emerging artists alongside some of the most renowned artists of our times.

HUMANITY is a virtual group exhibition of art by Hugh Arnold, Susan Aurinko, Nick Compton, Jason Dorsey, Lawrence Fried, David Gamble, Kostis Georgiou, Cristina Mittermeier, Paul Nicklen, Jack Perno, George Rodger, Marco Nereo Rotelli, Lawrence Schiller, Tom Stoddart, Christian Voigt, Blake Ward, Boky Hackel-Ward, Michael Ward, Julian Wasser, Zack Whitford, Ted Williams, David Yarrow.

1: human race; human beings collectively The word humanity stems from the Latin humanitas for “human nature, kindness”

2: compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition:
the quality or state of being humane

3: the totality of human beings:

4. humaneness; benevolence